Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Who Should Be "A" Leader's Favourite ?

Hello Good People,

It is not a good idea for a leader to spend his time pursuing people who don't yield results or just slow down the ship.

20% of people are responsible for 100% of fruitful result in most organisation hence the 20% are Favourites..
The 80% who are redundant are Humans, loved and celebrated but can never be Productive Favourites

A Leaders Favourite are the KEYMEN in there sector in any organisation.

One Lawyer refused to dismiss a very rude and naughty staff cos he said the Staff brings in most of the Customers hence the "Money" to the organisation.

Jesus had favorites
They were fishermen and not Billionaires,
He had the 120
The 70
The 12
The 3
The 1

He changed this world wit His favourite 12 people ( one of them actually sold Him off too )

So, AS LEADERS SPEND MORE TIME WITH THOSE WHO DO 100% of the work and encourage the other fellows.

The Work Space is not an EMOTIONAL space hence as Leaders we tend to FOCUS on the TASK & GOALS and TRAIN PLUS ENCOURAGE THOSE WHO ARE READY TO WORK & BE PRODUCTIVE.

The other COMPLACENT ones are appreciated but
If we went by Scriptures and wanted to avoid what happened to Moses to happen to us ( the complacents bad mouthed him and nearly.sent him to hell ) we would deploy wisdom...

Exodus 18 shows some being made Captains and others remained followers ( NO EMOTIONS )

My Favourite(s) should be those...

or would you rather my favourites to be Joseph of Arimathea or Zacheaus ?

What do you think ?

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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Was having a conversation with a protegee and we hit "a spot"
about relationship compatibility and people looking good together ( physical wise ) and am like..
What does it mean to " Look Good Together ? "

Anyway, I can't speak for others but this is how I "Chose my Wife "  call me old school, bizarre, a christian / secular contraption or wharreffaaaaa ! Lolll

Pls Read and kindly drop your Comments ( Guys tell us how you chose your wife please )

"Dig In....
Was deliberate wiv wat I saw....

1. Committedly Born Again
2. We were veryyyy Chatty ( gist for hours )
3. She understands Vision and had one ( I tot she heard and stole my vision sef cos it sounded lyk mine, )
4. Loved her demeanour
5. Fresh and no B.O
6. Big sized mammary Glands from what I "SAW' lol ( what I wanted pls )
6. Small waist line
7. Enticing Backside
8. Petit in Nature ( not short ooOo ) Graced to meet that in the package. ( lyk Smith & Jada )
8. Great family background / pedigree
9. Healthy and we had compatible health

++++Pls Note the above did not happen in a month took time
 ( tink ova 2 years. )

*****so why wouldn't I want to marry her.
Everything checked out d more we related and courted.

If I had discovered a Big Flaw when we courted or were friends, I would have backed out with Wisdom.

Ofcos she didn't have everything I wanted but the major ones she had was enough for her to qualify to be my wife...

What didn't she have ? Lol ( you set ehnnn )

1. singing  voice ( tot I couldn't marry a woman lyk dat. )
2. No swaggered cat walk ( well, its not in d Bible either )
3. She didn't have a great Job that could sustain my ministry then ( lol ) you know us Guys na..  But, its not Biblical either
4. She wasn't the pancake makeup type just fresh faced natural sister ( well, all that has changed )
5. She was grammatically sound and all that but her accent "WAS" a King James Englished "Academic One"... Nothing Tush ( all now different )
6. E don do you now loooolll...

So.... That's how I CHOSE my Wife and Went on to marry her OOooooooo.

Was is it that easy and simple like that ? Lol
Am sorry for you..

My Wife's Reverend Pastor shakeeeeee me and my faith OOooo, hummmm.
But all Glory be to Jesus.
All don make sense now..
Wisdom , Grace, Favour, Counsel etc... Has helped us
#12yrs oooOONNN  Praise God.

so sister, Oya ARRANGE well in Christ,  Character & Competence make correct brother come find you...

Brother, A Javelin awaits you if you don't know "what time is it" aspa "sourcing" for the right woman and "hearing' God on the matter.

Please drop your comment !

Thursday, 23 February 2017


______As.a.Leadership Enthusiast & Protagonist , Leadership is so very important.and URGENTLY needed in our.world today.

A very good spirit filled Christian can be a very bad.leader.

Most people never really.get to.the.LEADERSHIP phase.of thier.life, they had.rather believed.a.lie.about.the fact.that.they.are.followers.for.life since:-
1. they are.not.pastors
2. dont have cash ( millionare or.something )
3. few.people.recognise.or.know.them


but tbis.is.far from.the.truth.

...being a Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist, Teacher or.Prpphet.does not.make.anyone.a.Leader ( well.maybe a.spiritual.leader of some sort.leading other Christians )
...but.such.leadership.does.not.go higher.than the ceiling.

Most.Leaders.in MOST Churches.might be named.such.maybe 'cos.their.are no.better.alternatives?

Globally RELEVANT LEADERS have all.gone beyond.being."AVAILABLE" and have asked themselves questions

"Where.am.I.being needed.mostly ? "
"What.Solutions should I be.bringing.to.the team ? "

Leadership is MORE than remaining within the CONFINES of availability, comfortability & being recognised...

Leadership is having INITIATIVE
LEADERSHIP is Accountability
Leadership is ACHIEVING..

Leaders build people up

Leaders should be Godly

are Momentum cReators

and most.certainly Leaders MODEL what they are teaching

The.WORLD needs more Leaders
be the hero
their is "one " in you

Lead where you are.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

How SHOULD "Pastors" look like ?

So, Howz a Pastor supposed to really look like?
...... NOPE !, am not talking about "internal things"

but...  How should we look like? "facade"  ( if u like.that.word )
what should.we.project ?
what.do you want to see ?

How do you.measure.the "humility" of someone
as against their beautiful attire / bespoke looks ?

Must a person look poor & scrubby to be judged "humble"

If a "Pastor" grew up in diplomatic circles &  a well "manicured"
"Tush".& well buttered up neighbourhood...
is he.now.supposed.to."TONE" down all this & adopt
a."paupered".or.even agraRIAN lifestyle because.of.what."PEOPLE SAY"
or.will.say ?

If we all conform to.the.whims & caPRICES of a few..
and remain "underdogs" that we.did not grow up as !!

What.exactly am.I.saying?
defending "Us".. lol

Just Communicating my thoughts on this...
( I actually.have read.other.people's opinions on.social media )

ma bad @spellingIshs & punctuation pls.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

"HOLD IT" just before you say " I DO "

Dont start your life by making yourself a 2nd class citizen in your home...
Dont  MARRY someone you will struggle so hard to please in the union,
dnt even agree to court such people.

Why ?
Compatibility Issues are GREAT ISSUES in Marriage
and other seemingly light "no big.deal issues "

Compatibility means : Someone you can easily interact and align with etc...
Hence, dis is a big deal issue cos you gonn live together for the rest of your life...

No POINT running helter skelter in MARRIAGE to handle what you should have seen in courtship

my dear,
wipe that ice-cream away from your lips
let that your dimple fade off for a while
Pull yourelf to.a.Conference.table  and DISCUSS OBJECTIVELY before you "merge" your companies lol. ( merge your life )

Ask :
Can we do this?
are we gonna remain friends for ever ?
what are we going to be doing in the marriage ?
whats your Vision sir?
what will you be doing when I marry you sis ?

Possible Response:
I wont always be this slim Oooooo
Am thinking of starting a Farm project and exiting my Oil & Gas Job so CashFlow is going to change Ooooo sis, are you still on board ? etc....

Conclusion :
Don't let Marriage open your eyes to some realities
what you see and hear around you about.Marriages.are TRUE ( not fiction )

Might not all be strawberries & breakfast in bed Oooooo,
So, before you say "I Do "

"have that Conference Table TALK "
You are the.CEO.of your life under God
You.have.the.RIGHT.to get "Answers" before you get into a Life "Partnership " with.somebody you just few years back...

Talk, talk and talk about.it..

Love was never ever blind...
Snippets from my Book#BanjoOre.